Hydration when on Keto Top 5!

Top 5 Thing you need to know about hydration when on Keto
Cold clean water, nothing better on a hot day or Keto

Now that we have learned how to Get enough fat, We know the rules of keto it is time to learn how to enjoy the time in Ketosis. We need solid hydration when on Keto plan. 


Dehydration is the cause of all kinds of impairments like memory, reasoning and cognitive function, this can cause fatigue and make you feel like Shite. Some research has suggested that while on keto you may have increased risk of developing kidney stones. This the result of not getting enough water. Along with water you need to get enough electrolytes, if you fail in this area you can have problems like muscle cramps/spasms, headaches and the worst as far as I am concerned constipation (this is a for certain if you lack magnesium. 

Living the keto lifestyle really changes the way your body process water and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and magnesium). Luck for us we will learn how it all works and can make adjustments to our diet to reduce the change of these side effects. 


  1. Dehydration is a side effect of ketogenic diets

When on Keto. your body excretes more salt (we will talk about this in more detail below). When your body doesn’t have salt we have a tough time retaining water. At the beginning of your Keto journey, your body produces ketone bodies which are dehydration. In short, when living the Keto lifestyle you need to drink more water to reduce/eliminate this side effect. 

There is an opposite side to this, drinking water liter after liter till you are over-hydrated and have an electrolyte imbalance. The goal isn’t to have as much water in your body that is can physically hold. It is to have as much as it needs.

So how much do we need? A great measure is the color of your urine. I know gross (looking at your urine) but light yellow urine is an optimal sign of hydration when on Keto. 

Note: if you are supplementing B vitamins or a multivitamin at the point your body can not absorb the supplement it will turn your urine bright yellow. 


2. Fluid balance 

Electrolytes (e.g sodium, potassium, and magnesium) are the key. to fluid balance and maybe as important as water. 

Most people can buy into supplementing or eating potassium and magnesium-rich foods but struggle with the notion that sodium/salt is not a bad thing. We have been taught this is bad because the normal North American diet is on salt filled meal after another. Much like why we have been taught that fat is bad because it was delivered in sugar. We can not live without salt, the lack of salt can be very dangerous. We can become weak, get muscle cramping and feel fatigued. 

On Keto, we have already eliminated most of the ultra-salty processed foods that add to the normal North American diet. Plus Keto lifers excrete more salt then non-Keto followers. Our goal is to maintain low levels of insulin. When this level is maintained the body flushes out sodium. 

The result of all this is Keto lifestyle followers need to be aware of electrolyte levels, mostly salt. You can get great benefits from increasing these items to increase the level of salt in your body

3. Best Hydration when on Keto supplement is mineral water.

Other then the price Mineral water is great. Even if you can only have it on occasion. It is a tremendous source of magnesium and calcium. The magnesium will help with cramping and the calcium is great for Keto’rs that are dairy free. 

Tap water does have some minerals, generally less than mineral water. Tap water is not equal in all areas so has more minerals than others. Become luck of the draw. That being said people often add a reverse osmosis filtration system and this stirps our minerals. Keep a close eye on what you are drinking if you choose not to have mineral water. 

4. Cheat meals on Keto cause water weight changes

We all see that huge weight loss in the first few days of strict keto living. This is one of the reasons we get so into this lifestyle at the beginning (immediate results). Unfortunately, this doesn’t last for long. 

The reason is straight forward, your when you eat carbs your body stores water. Rule of thumb is 3-4 time water is stored to carbs. So 1 gram of carbs is equal to 3-4 grams of water. So work that out to your body size and that could be multiple pounds. Ultimately this means when you go keto and burn off all the stored carbs there is no reason for the water. So be ready for multiple trips to the washroom! and the scale to drop. 

On Keto, you have been doing all these things that seem wrong like eating fat and adding salt to everything. Well, they are essential to our success and health. Even adding salt to our food is most likely less than the average North America diet. Water will cause water retention and less salt means less water retention. 


5.  Sparkling water, Tea and Coffee are all good way to hydrate.

Research shows that drinking things other than plain water is just good. Caffeinated drinks are equally as good in reasonable amounts.

Studies have been done that show people use to drinking coffee and tea are just as hydrated as drinking water alone. 

We don’t limit our hydration to just things that come from a bottle or cup. We get a great source of hydration when on Keto from really “juicy” veggies like cucumbers. Think about what a cucumber looks like if you leave it on the counter for the day. 

If you don’t like the taste of water, then don’t be afraid to hydrate with some or all the other methods we have spoken about here today. (Sparkling water, tea, coffee (within reason) and vegetables, just remember to kill your keto success by adding sugar to any of them. 


To sum this all up, 

Drink lots of water -Urin is light yellow

Salt your food, drink bone broth

Mineral water is a gold mine

Coffee, tea, and vegetables are just as helpful! (as long as you have not added sugar)


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